NCAA Men's Division II Selection Criteria

Accuracy: 34/36 (94%) for last 4 years excluding 2021

The Division II Men s Lacrosse Championship consists of an twelve-team, single-elimination tournament. Pairings are determined by regional alignments (North and South), with six teams being selected from each region. Teams must have a .500 or better record versus Division II opponents to be considered. There is no automatic qualification for the tournament. The prediction is based on the rankings of total record, in/region record, overall rpisos overall sos in-region and record against teams with a winning record. See NCAA for more info.

Primary Factors for Selecting Teams
 [1] Division II in region Won-loss record
 [2] Division II winning percentage
 [3] Division II strength of schedule
 [-] Division II head-to-head competition
 [-] Division II Common opponents
Secondary Factors for Selecting Teams
 [4] Division II results vs teams with a winning record
 [5] In-region strength of schedule
 [6] In-region Ratings Percentage Index