NCAA Men's Division I Selection Criteria

Accuracy: 53/56 (99%) for last 7 years excluding 2021 (8/8)

The sum of a teams rpi + qw +1/2 sos is a key indicator of the at-large probability. The Division I Mens Lacrosse Championship is a 17-team, single-elimination tournament. Nine conferences are eligible for automatic qualification. However, the two lowest-ranked AQ teams, regardless of conference RPI, will compete in play-in games to determine the final team in the 16-team bracket. The remaining teams are selected at-large. If a team has an AQ bid then its at-large probabilility goes to 0.00.

Primary Criteria for Selecting At-Large Teams

 [1] Strength of Schedule (SOS) Only Top 10 based on RPI
 [2] Results of Rating Pertcentage Index (RPI)
 [3] Record against teams ranked 1-5, 6-10, 11-20, and 21+ 
 [4] Average RPI win (average RPI of all wins) 
 [5] Average RPI loss (average RPI of all losses)
 [-] Head-to-head competition 
 [-] Results against common opponents 
 [-] Significant wins (defeating teams ranked higher in RPI) 
 [-] Significant losses (defeated by teams ranked lower in RPI) 
 [-] Location of the contests